The Luther Safety Huber Needle

Luther Needlesafe Products LLC was the original inventor of the Safety Huber Needle device. This design delivers safe, easy performance that other safety huber needles simply cannot. With its new and improved lower profile and integrated disk, the system is easy to grasp and easy to manipulate. The disk protects clinicians from the sharp as you pull up on the non-slip handle. When fully retracted, the disk captures the sharp and holds it firmly in place.
The Luther Safety Huber is now owned by another major medical device company and has become the leading safety Huber needle device of choice. The device improves the experience for both the patient and the clinician. The simple, intuitive design allows users to become proficient with the system with minimal training or change in existing techniques. With the features of the device being easy to grip and manipulate, the users experience less difficulty in operation. This factor, along with the comfortable nonabsorbent pad and a non-coring needle also serve to minimize the level of discomfort experienced by patients.