About the Company

Luther Needlesafe Products LLC is a medical device R&D company that focuses on developing cutting-edge, innovative medical technology with advanced safety features, improve ease-of-use and patient comfort to reduce complications and achieve cost savings.

LNP LLC was founded by and is staffed by a team of individuals dedicated to helping people. We identify problems with safety, cost and effectiveness in existing medical products and work to solve these problems though imagination and innovation. We focus on a limited number of products at any one time to ensure the best solutions to problems as opposed to rushing many products into production for the sake of profits. We spend a great deal of time trouble shooting and initial testing before moving to full production to ensure we produce the all-around best product available. Our high level of due diligence allows LNP LLC to reduce production costs and produce a highly desirable product for both medical professionals and patients

LNP LLC invests tremendous personal resources to develop and prove the concept, functionality and value of their products. Our company is committed to providing the best, safest solution when developing products.