The Mini-Midline Extended Dwell Peripheral IV Safety Catheter

Inspired by the inventor of the first peripheral IV safety catheter, PROTECTIV ®, in the mid-80s, we are introducing the most innovative and advanced short over-the-needle safety catheter system in the last 30 years. The Mini-Midline™ extended dwell peripheral IV safety catheter has technical advancements that no other peripheral IV catheters currently have.
The Mini-Midline™ is a passive device. There is minimal in-service training needed for the clinician. The device is superior to any other peripheral IV safety catheter on the market today. It has a better safety mechanism than any other short over-the-needle catheter, protecting clinicians from needle sticks and needle blood residue. This is accomplished by securing the needle in a sheath with locks on both the proximal and distal positions to ensure that the needle cannot be reset or defeated.
The Mini-Midline™ device is more beneficial to all patients, especially the elderly and infants. It is the first patented system of inserting a soft short catheter approved by the FDA for an extended dwell of 29 days. This will reduce the number of changes that current short over-the-needle catheters now require by as much as a 5 to 1 ratio. The Mini-Midline™ will reduce the risk of infection and complications that all current peripheral IV catheters experience including inflammation, phlebitis and the possibility that a stiff catheter can penetrate the wall of a patient's vein.
The Mini-Midline™ catheter will have an enormous economic benefit to hospitals and insurance companies and will substantially reduce costs by reducing the number of catheters used annually because of its extended dwell.